Virtual CTO (Digital Transformation)

Digital transformation is a service which helps organisations develop their digital transformation roadmap and implement said roadmap.

Its core focus is improving the business in one or a number of areas through the use of technology.

We look at an organisation’s tech infrastructure, processes, people and organization to both strengthen the businesses short-term performance and maintain sustainable long-term improvement.

The world is going digital, however, most organisations lack awareness, expertise and manpower to complete their digital transformation. This means most businesses are setting themselves up for transformation failure

Digital transformation consulting services provide knowledge and experience to businesses to that digital technologies and strategies of the company are connected and risk of failure is minimised.

It typically involves:

  • Formulating a digital transformation strategy and roadmap along with realising the key performance indicators.
  • Implementing digital technologies to reduce the manual steps to:
    • Reduce spend
    • Increase process effectiveness
    • Reduce errors
    • Increase employee satisfaction through reducing ‘dull’ work
    • Improving the customer experience
  • Building digital products to allow the company to expand into new businesses or channels.
  • Outlining the necessary changes to people and process to enable and sustain the transformation.

Examples of use:

  • Using technology to decrease non-value adding spend
  • A consumer facing-business looking to personalise the customer’s journey
  • A business looking to improve data capture and provide real-time reports of KPIs

Some of the issues I can assist with:

  • You're looking to kickoff a new tech project
  • You invested in a new system but the team aren’t using it or it doesn't integrate well with other parts of the business.
  • You don’t know how to reduce your technology costs.
  • You’re unaware of any competitive edge tech could provide.
  • You don’t know if a new technology will provide the required ROI.
  • You need to replace outdated software/systems
  • You’re growing quickly and need help choosing technology to support changing business requirements.

Based in Glasgow, UK, and can collaborate worldwide.