Supplier appointment

Appointing a new supplier for your project’s development, website, IT/infrastructure or other technology need presents the opportunity to appoint a value adding asset within your business.

But, the options can be a minefield of overcharging, upselling unnecessary add-ons and, worst of all, not having a fit for purpose supplier.

I’ll work with your organisation’s stakeholders to ensure the requirements are fit for purpose before producing a supplier selection criteria. I’ll then help with supplier selection and integration to your organisation.

Examples of use:

  • A new IT supplier appointment
  • Choosing a new chat support product for your website and app.

Some of the issues I can assist with:

  • You're looking to kickoff a new tech project
  • You invested in a new system but the team aren’t using it or it doesn't integrate well with other parts of the business.
  • You don’t know how to reduce your technology costs.
  • You’re unaware of any competitive edge tech could provide.
  • You don’t know if a new technology will provide the required ROI.
  • You need to replace outdated software/systems
  • You’re growing quickly and need help choosing technology to support changing business requirements.

Based in Glasgow, UK, and can collaborate worldwide.